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Vimax Patch Product Reports

Product Facts, Company Profile and Customer Reviews 


General Information

 Vimax Patch

Vimax patch is a 100% natural formula for penis enlargement. It works via the Transdermal delivery system; the herbal ingredients are absorbed through the skin, this way the nutrient go directly to the blood stream instead of being filtered through the liver. It does not need any other penis enlargement like penis pump or other device, painful and expensive surgeries and use of penis pills.  


For best results, it is recommended to used vimax patch for at least 5 months and replace every 3 days. With the regular use, it promises permanent results. It can be stopped if the desired result is already achieved. 




Product Details 

Website: www.vimaxpatch.com 



                  OA Internet Services Ltd.
                  5764 Monkland Ave, Suite 555
                  Motreal, Quebec H4A 1E9


Phone: 1-800-381-8791  


Shipping Department  

        MD Research 

        6893 Sullivan Road Grawn 

        MI 49637 USA 


Price: $59.95 per Packet 



  • Ginseng   
  • Fo-Ti   
  • Gotu Kola  
  • Saw Palmetto  
  • Damiana   
  • Menthol   

Vimax Patch Benefits 

  • Increase penis length 
  • Increase penis girth 
  • Increase self-stem 
  • Improve ejaculation volume.  
  • More intensifying orgasm.  
  • Improve sexual desire.  


Vimax Patch Advantages  

  • 60 days money-back guarantee.  
  • No pill pumps or surgery.  
  • Permanent Results.  
  • Made from natural herbs.  
  • Ingredients are listed and fully explained.  
  • No harmful side effects.  
  • Penis patches are safer than pump and surgery.  
  • Access to informational adult sites.  
  • Provided customer testimonials.  
  • Before and after picture is provided.  
  • Special offers and bonuses.  
  • Dicreet shipping.  


Vimax Patch Disadvantages

  • Ingredient's amounts are not shown.  
  • Expensive $59.95 for 10 patches. 

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Costumer Reviews

"Been using VimaxPatchâ„¢ for 2 months now and I love the results. I had started to have trouble keeping up with my partner. Thought it was just the stresses of work but it carried on far too long for my liking. Looked on the web and after looking around plumped for your product. Love the bonuses! Really enhanced our sex life." 

Portion of actual User comments from malepenisenlargement.co.uk


"Vimax patches did incredible thing to me. I was using them for 4 months and my penis is much more thicker and about 2.5 inches longer now. All my doubts are gone. I really appreciate what you're guys doing. Thanx for saving my life!"

Portion of actual User comments from vimaxpatch.com/testimonials


"The Vimax penis patch works. I am 2 inches bigger in four months." 

Portion of actual User comments from epenispills.com/testimonials


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