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Phallosan Product Reports

Product Facts, Company Profile and Customer Reviews 


General Information


Phallosan is a penis extender that uses a combination of stretching and vacuum power to gain permanent increase of penis length and girth and help correct penis curvature without pain or surgery. The device works on the principle of a stretch belt. As the vacuum encompasses the whole penis, it enlarges the glands, making the penis longer and thicker.  


Phallosan can be used up to 12 hours a day without any inconvenience or pain. A permanent Result can be achieved using the product for at least 6 months. This product is simply a safe penis enlargement alternative without surgery. 


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Product Details 

Website: www.phallosan.com 


Company: Orbisan Ltd.  

                   UB3A Industrial Estate  

                    San Gwann SGN3000 Malta 

                    Malta is a member of the EU 


Email: info@phallosan.com 


Price: $299.00 



Phallosan Benefits

  • Increase penis length and girth  
  • Permanent size gains 
  • Increase blood flow to the penis 
  • Boosted confidence and self-stem  
  • Increase libido and stronger erections  
  • Curvature straightening  


Phallosan Advantage 

  • Clinically proven to work  
  • Medically backed 
  • The clinical Results is provided 
  • More comfortable than penis extenders 
  • It can be worn under trousers 
  • Features in “MensHealth” magazine  
  • 2 years warranty  
  • Certified class 1 device  
  • Contact information is provided  
  • Worldwide shipping  


Phallosan Disadvantage  

  • Customer testimonial is not provided  
  • Does not offer additional bonuses 

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Customer Reviews

"Phallosan has enlarged my penis by 1 inch and I am very thankful to you guys for the wonderful work you all have done for us.God bless you."

Portion of actual User comments from biggerpenispillsreview.com


"Phallosan is completely different, I attach it in the morning and can wear it for 8 hours while at work with nobody noticing. You don't get as much tension as a penis extender but you can wear it for longer. 

Portion of actual User comments from provenpenisproducts.com"


"Hey Guys! I just had to send a "huge" (pun intended) thank you for offering this Phallosan penis traction system! I tried the others but found them uncomfortable to wear during the day and I had a hard time keeping it in place. This Phallosan STAYS PUT - I can wear it at night - and best of all I saw the results as advertised! And guys reading this... in my opinion this is the BEST Option for penile traction systems." 

Portion of actual User comments from fitzz.com


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